Benefits of NAWLEE 

NAWLEE is always striving to meet the many needs of its members in law enforcement.

NAWLEE recognizes that, in order to gain the trust of communities, agencies must deliver the highest level of community safety and law enforcement services.

To help agencies achieve their goals and to promote women in law enforcement NAWLEE offers the following resources:

    • Annual Conference with Nationally  Renowned Trainers
    • Scholarships for Professional Development
    • Online Training Programs
    • Mentor Program
    • Career Counseling 
    • Legislative Support
    • Policy Development Assistance
    • Recruitment/Job Postings
    • National/International Association  Development Resources
    • Women Law Enforcement Executive of the Year  (WoLEEY) Award
    • Direct Connection with Partners and Sponsors

The National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives, Inc. (a professional association) and NAWLEE Foundation, Inc. (a charitable and educational organization) are founded under the Internal Revenue Service Codes, 501(c)(6) and 501(c)(3) respectively.

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Executive Director Kym Craven



486 West Main Street

West Townsend, MA 01474

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